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What are the uses of industrial wool felt?
Time2019/4/10 17:24:42 Hits315肝
With the development of China's industry, wool felt products are more important in industry. It is an indispensable accessory in industry. It has a wide range of uses and can be compared with other products. At present, our products are widely used in various fields. Because it has good strength, good elasticity, good wear resistance, good warmth retention, good sharpness and other unique characteristics, such as mechanical oil seal using wool felt coil oil seal performance is the best. Oven, freezer, need to be sealed with flat felt sealing performance is the strongest. Because the wool felt structure is dense and not easy to flow, the warm-keeping performance of wool felt is ideal, the wool has excellent sharpness, the effect of polishing and polishing high-grade products with wool felt wheel is better, the wool felt used for filtering and purifying is better, and the wool felt used for seat, cushion and lining is elastic and wear-resistant, so it is a tractor factory, automobile factory, shipyard, oil machine factory, manufacturing factory and bicycle saddle seat. Factory, glass factory, mirror factory, filter factory, chemical factory, power plant, textile machinery factory, corduroy factory, printing and dyeing factory, bearing factory, watch factory, enameled wire factory, electroplating factory, electric furnace factory, radio factory, gold handicraft factory, stationery factory, clock component factory and other units produce the necessary products on the equipment.
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