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Basic uses of oil-absorbing felt?
Time2019/4/10 17:19:10 Hits392肝

Oil absorbent felt, made of superfine oil-affinity nonwoven fabric, can quickly absorb oil stains of its own weight tens of times. And it doesn't absorb water. It has the characteristics of small proportion, light weight, floating on the water surface, no deformation after oil absorption, no loose, not affected by temperature, acid and alkali resistance, no corrosion, easy storage and so on. It is widely used in oil pollution cleaning in machinery manufacturing, aviation, petrochemical and other industries: oil slick removal on the water surface, large amount of oil pollution removal such as batteries, ship belly, oil spill recovery treatment on the sea surface, oil leakage of oil trucks, tanks, oil tanks, oil drums and so on. Oil prevents diffusion.

Oil absorbent felt is one of the important equipment to deal with oil spill. In the emergency treatment of oil spill on water surface, the general method is to recover most of the oil spill by mechanical devices, and then to absorb and capture a small amount of residual oil spill on water surface with oil-absorbing felt. In areas where mechanical devices cannot reach and where oil spill dispersant cannot be used because of secondary pollution sensitivity, oil-absorbing felt is often used to remove oil spill.

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