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Felt products have been widely used in our life.
Time2019/4/10 17:14:36 Hits217肝

With the development of industry, felt products can be seen everywhere. Such high quality and low cost seismic materials are very suitable for use. Today, let's introduce some knowledge about felt products.

Felt products are indispensable in modern production and life. In recent years, the production quantity and process of felt products have been improved because of its wide role. In order to meet different customers, many businesses upgrade and modify the raw materials of felt. Felt products include: felt mat, felt grinding head, felt ring, felt ring, felt polishing wheel, felt oil seal, felt strip, felt cylinder, felt filter core, felt rope, wool ball and other felt parts. Felts and felt products are widely used in machinery, electromechanical, chemical, shipping, aircraft, navigation and other industries. They have the functions and effects of sealing, cushioning, insulation, moisturizing, sealing, oil absorption, oil absorption, dust prevention, heat insulation, polishing, filtering, insulation, etc. Fur products have wool balls, wool balls, rabbit hair balls, mink hair balls, fox hair balls, hair ball spike products, various kinds of products. Jewelry, etc.

In automotive decoration, felt products play a greater role, such as in the engine parts of the car, the gap between the laying of felt products, is conducive to dust and heat insulation, sports equipment to add it, can play a protective joint, highlight the cushioning effect.

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